Use Your Favorite Celebrities, Go Viral and Step Up Your Instagram Game

From time to time, we see funny posts traveling across the web at record speeds. We’ve all seen them: Instagram user Average Rob edits himself into Barack Obama and Joe Biden photos or A Guy Photoshops Himself Into Kendall Jenner’s Instagram And It’s Hilarious. What starts as a joke spreads like wildfire. As technology and social media continue to evolve, so does the frequency of these viral moments of gold.

Until recently, creating such edits was only possible by using professional graphic design software, either on a laptop or PC – and mastering the skills would take tons of time. Mobile photo editors have become super versatile in what they can do. However, there remains a lot to the puzzle left to be solved.

One such missing element in all mobile photo editors is the ability to accurately cut out an image, to a hair, with Photoshop™ like quality; until now.

With the recent release of the Pixomatic 3.0 app, users can now select and mask images from a photo in such detail that even wispy hairs and other intricate features are a breeze. Pixomatic 3.0 is the only app on the App Store with such functionality. Even large fingers are no match for Pixomatic advanced image cut-out capabilities.

The proprietary hair cutout feature arrived to iPhones and iPads for the first time early last week with the launch of Pixomatic 3.0. The Pixomatic research team used machine learning and custom developed image processing algorithms to bring image cut out ability to its mobile app with quality comparable to desktop software.

“It took more than six months for our research team to come up with the solution that promises good results and at the same time considering the technical limitations of mobile devices,” said Sasun Hambardzumyan, Chief Architect of Qube, the startup behind Pixomatic.

Whether you want to go viral, make a meme, prank your friends and colleagues or give a creative touch to your photos, Pixomatic is the perfect choice.

The Pixomatic 3.0 app allows anyone, regardless of skill level, the ability to have fun editing their photos and sharing with friends. The app’s intuitive interface, built-in tutorials, and powerful editing tools make even the most novice user a pro, in a fraction of the time it would with other software.

Photo montage capability combined with an array of artistic style transfer filters like in Prisma is all that’s needed to turn the average user into a creative genius, while giving them the tools to surprise family and friends with professional grade photo editing masterpieces.

With such composition possibilities, Pixomatic isn’t only the go-to place for creating and editing viral content, but can be applicable across multiple avenues. The Pixomatic software empowers users of all ages to educate, tell their story or simply just have fun. With the Pixomatic app, everyone is part of the creative class.