INSIDIA , a free to play, turn-based online strategy game

Bad Seed, the indie developer of Sheep Up!, Sleep Attack and The Beggar’s Ride, released INSIDIA , a free to play, turn-based online strategy game, on Steam. After 23 weeks in Early Access and 23 weekly updates developed alongside the community, INSIDIA is finally ready to leave the Beta stage! The game will be available for PC, Mac, Linux/SteamOS and Ubuntu.

Thanks to its features, INSIDIA has been selected to be featured on FaceIT, the leading platform for online competitions, with nearly 10 million members. Starting from release, INSIDIA will feature regular tournaments on FaceIT, with challenges suited to every skill level and awesome prizes for those who will be able to rise to the top!

INSIDIA is a turn-based online strategy game. In fast-paced battles, two players battle whilst commanding a band of four powerful heroes. Through quick and thrilling matches, the game gradually introduces its players to a tactical depth that is easy to learn, but hard to master. INSIDIA features a unique combat system based on simultaneous, fast turns and a flexible combo system. With a simple order, given within an handful of seconds, your team’s heroes can join forces to achieve spectacular results!

INSIDIA is available on Steam