Merrick Pet Care Expands Partnership with K9s for Warriors with New Merrick Backcountry Hero’s Banquet Recipes

Merrick Pet Care announced today it is expanding its partnership with K9s For Warriors with the launch of Merrick Backcountry Hero’s Banquet recipes, a new lineup of natural dog food & treats to raise awareness for K9s For Warriors’ work pairing service dogs with military veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disability (PTSD).

Introduced at Global Pet Expo, the world’s largest pet food trade show, the new Merrick Backcountry Hero’s Banquet recipes build on Merrick’s million dollar partnership by giving pet parents a way to support K9s For Warriors while feeding a nutritious, ancestral canine diet to their dogs. Beyond the new recipes, Merrick provides all the food and treats for K9s for Warriors and has since 2015. Last year, Merrick also committed $250,000 to complete clinical research showing the effective role service dogs play in the treatment of PTSD among American military veterans.

“Of our country’s 21.8 million veterans, one in five suffers from post-traumatic stress disability and struggle to return to civilian life,” said Shari Duval, president, K9s For Warriors. “Because of partners like Merrick, we’re able to give those warriors a chance to see the world again and build a life after combat, as well as, educate more people about the important role service dogs play in improving veterans’ lives.”

Three new Hero’s Banquet recipes will be part of Merrick’s Backcountry line, which was introduced in 2015 and continues to be the fastest-growing ancestral canine diet in pet specialty. The Merrick Backcountry Hero’s Banquet recipes include a protein-packed kibble infused with freeze-dried raw meat; a complementary wet food; and a meaty soft & chewy dog treat. Recipes are making their ways to stores this spring. In a special K9s For Warriors promotion this July, Merrick will make a donation to K9s For Warriors for every Merrick Backcountry Hero’s Banquet item sold.

“We are incredibly proud to partner with K9s For Warriors as their work is not only saving the lives of our veterans, but rescue dogs, too,” said Greg Shearson, CEO of Merrick Pet Care. “Our new Merrick Backcountry Hero’s Banquet recipes are another way we’re hoping to raise awareness for K9s For Warriors important mission of helping veterans find the support and comfort they need in a true best friend, their best dog ever.”

K9s For Warriors helps veterans with PTSD and/or Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) have a new outlook on life. The non-profit group carefully selects dogs for their program from animal shelters across the country and professionally trains them at their facility. The dogs are then matched with warriors with whom they live, learn and bond together for three weeks before graduating and returning to home and family life.

“At K9s For Warriors, we know the impact our specially trained service dogs have on warriors suffering from PTSD and how they give those warriors a new leash on life,” said Rory Diamond, chief executive officer, K9s For Warriors. “With Merrick’s help, we are now able to facilitate research to validate the success of this treatment, and, ultimately, we will be able to increase support of trained service animals as an effective treatment.”