Milk-Bone and SoulPancake Create Video Showing How Dogs Are More

There’s a reason dogs are called “man’s best friend” – their love for us has no limits. They love more, see more, inspire more, smell more…the list is endless. And in today’s world we need a little more, especially if it comes with four legs.  Because dogs are more, the Milk-Bone® brand is celebrating them during National Dog Week. The dog treat brand is celebrating the 20th anniversary of its partnership with Canine Assistants®, by collaborating with digital media company, SoulPancake, known for its inspirational content, to tell the heartwarming stories of several heroic Canine Assistants® service dogs through an inspiring video.

Canine Assistants® is a non-profit organization that trains and provides service dogs to children and adults with physical disabilities and special needs. The Milk-Bone brand provides resources, treats, and financial support to continue the organization’s important and impactful work.

“Over the 20 years we’ve been partners, Milk-Bone has allowed us to reach thousands of people that otherwise we would not have had the resources to help,” says Dudley Arnold, Chief Operating Officer of Canine Assistants. “The generous contributions by this exceptional company have forever changed the lives of so many people and their commitment to Canine Assistants and those we serve is nothing short of overwhelming.”

Featured in the uplifting video are:

  • Michelle Renard who was connected with her Goldendoodle, Mossy, who helps to alert her when she has high and low blood sugar incidents. Mossy helps Michelle and her family members worry less about a diabetic incident.
  • Rosalie Brown and her dog, Rolex, who has helped Rosalie restore her independence and prevent injury as a result of her epilepsy, which at one point caused her to have as many as 300 seizures each day.
  • Victors Dolive, who has been with his dog Willow for eight years to aid with his seizures, hearing and vision challenges. Willow has allowed Victors to open up and show off his charismatic personality when years prior he was nearly nonverbal as a result of his autism and other health complications.
  • Chip Madren who was diagnosed with a brain tumor at the age of 13, making it difficult for him to speak or swallow for months. With the help of his dog, Vera, Chip has remained active and engaged in different activities, proving the sky is the limit.

“To some people she’s just a pet, but to our family, she’s an angel,” says Dolive’s mother, Melanie, about their Canine Assistants® dog, Willow.

Milk-Bone takes a cue from dogs by turning what was once a treating occasion into an opportunity to care. Milk-bone treats are purposefully designed to care for dogs like they care for us.

When Milk-Bone treats are purchased, a portion of the proceeds help Canine Assistants® raise, place and care for service and seizure response dogs. For more information on how Milk-Bone supports Canine Assistants®, visit