Michelle M. Pillow, Announces Launch of New Book, “Cauldrons and Confessions”, a Warlocks MacGregor Novel

New York Times & USA Today Bestselling Author, Michelle M. Pillow, announces the release of her latest Warlocks MacGregor Novel titled “Cauldrons and Confessions”. There’s paranormal activity and hijinks from the MacGregors as storyteller Pillow weaves her magic into the pages of her latest release.

This contemporary Scottish paranormal romance novel opens in the magical land of Green Vallis, Wisconsin. This is a place with an abundance of forest ideal for the MacGregors, a clan of Scottish Warlocks who feed off the forest to produce their magick.

The heroine of this caper is Malina MacGregor, an only sister who is surrounded by brothers and cousins who can be overprotective and tend to show up anytime she tries to go on a date. Sure, she’s made some poor choices in men in the past—like the demon she mistakenly hooked up with in Las Vegas years ago. But that was then, and this is now, and she more than made up for that mistake.

Darragh “Dar” Lahey, a luck demon entity, and Malina’s ex, has had plenty of time to stew over what happened back in Vegas, which ended with him being stuffed in a shallow grave somewhere in the Nevada desert. And now he is back. Is it to avenge what happened in Vegas? Or, is it to reclaim the love of his life?

This dynamic is the catalyst for the story that spans the best part of fifty years, from 60’s Vegas to present day Wisconsin.

Throw in characters like Raibeart MacGregor, the drunkard uncle who proposes to every woman he meets, Euann, a brother who specializes in security spells, and Niall who swore he buried the luck demon in the desert to defend his sister’s honor, and you have “Cauldrons and Confessions” . This is the fourth book in the Warlocks MacGregor Series by Pillow.