Renew Your Home in Less Than 3 Hours With Peel & Stick DIY Smart Tiles

Smart Tiles has hit the market with a revolutionary new way to renovate the walls within your home. We have all paged through the magazines and sighed after the unaffordable yet gorgeous tiled kitchen and bathroom walls. Well sigh no more as Smart Tiles has rolled out luxurious and fashionable wall décor options that can be installed within 3 hours without any professional help. These do-it-yourself tiles are made of an adhesive topped with the special Gel-O™ component that gives an eye-catching 3D effect, and are insanely affordable with prices ranging from $7.99 to $9.69 per unit, and $42.54 to $58.14 for a pack of 6-tile sheet. A job normally reserved for experienced professionals can now be completed in minutes by any homeowner without any specialized tools. No grout and no glue means no mess. Simply stick the Smart Tiles over existing tiles or any smooth surface and the hard part is done. If the tile isn’t placed exactly where desired on the first attempt, do not worry. The adhesive is not permanently positioned until pressure is applied, and has been stuck for 48 hours. Simply grab a glass of wine and peel and stick your way to a breathtakingly gorgeous newly renovated home. Consumers can currently shop the brand directly on their website. Products can also be purchased via well known retailers such as The Home Depot, Lowe’s, Wayfair, Do it Best, and Cabinet Maker Warehouse. With over 52 models, Smart Tiles come in a selection of styles such as a contemporary, classic, modern, or eclectic. They are also resistant to stovetop heat as well as bathroom humidity.

“We really aimed to cut out contractor woes, long renovation processes and ensure that a luxurious home is within reach for everyone. We truly did that with Smart Tiles. They are a real do-it-yourself product – you don’t have to hire anyone to do it, no renting any equipment and you can do an entire backsplash in a couple of hours and it’s complete,” says Smart Tiles Marketing Specialist, Luce Robitaille. “We provide a wide array of tile designs to choose from and are rolling new ones out quickly. We find that people use them most for their kitchens and bathrooms, however we are now seeing photos sent in from bedrooms and living rooms as well. Though the tiles are DIY, they do not have a cheap or low cost appearance. They exude luxury and who does not want that feeling when they walk into their home?”

Designed, manufactured and distributed by the true specialist and leader in wall tiles, Quinco & Cie Inc. based in Quebec, Canada, Smart Tiles are inspired by color, driven by innovation, and creativity, allowing people to simply dress up their walls in an imaginative and fancy way. The company was initially founded in 1999 when the first adhesive tile was developed and known as S’tics Deco, and in 2006, the Smart Tiles trademark was used for the first time to prepare the upcoming Mosaik collection. The company has recently expanded their collection of peel and stick tiles with a brand new style called Dual-Finish. This new stone finish looks and feels like stone to the touch and can be cleaned as easily as their glossy mosaics. In gloss finish or as a dual finish of matte and gloss, they will blend naturally with a contemporary or classic home décor. Smart Tiles’ concept of peel and stick wall tiles leave all competition behind when it comes to providing a high quality and durable product. Each individual tile is guaranteed to stick to your walls, to never fade in color and/or grow yellow and crack over time, leaving no risk to the interior designer that exists in all of us.

“People are always thrilled how easy and fast Smart Tiles are to install,” continues Smart Tiles Marketing Specialist, Luce Robitaille. “They’re amazed by the look and always surprised how many compliments they receive on their new installation. With our new Dual-Finish model, the mix of the glossy look of the glass and the matte effect of the stone is just incredible; it’s just like a real thing, even to the touch.”