VTech’s Go! Go! Smart Wheels and Go! Go! Smart Friends playsets

VTech® announces the availability of new Go! Go! Smart Wheels® and Go! Go! Smart Friends® playsets, offering engaging, multi-sensory learning through exciting new themes to provide children with endless adventures. The toys in the award-winning lines feature proprietary SmartPoint® and MagicPoint® technologies that truly bring the toys to life while teaching first words, letters and more as children explore cause and effect relationships.

The colorful, interactive Go! Go! Smart Wheels playsets spark toddlers’ imaginations and encourage creativity while helping them explore concepts of cause and effect. They are designed to deliver important developmental benefits that help children reach social, emotional, language, cognitive, physical and motor milestones. As a child places a SmartPoint vehicle on SmartPoint locations found throughout the playsets, it will respond and engage children with lights, sounds and music. Kids will be in for a fast ride with the new Go! Go! Smart Wheels Race & Play Adventure Park™, an action-packed roller coaster playset featuring a kid-powered ramp, catapult launcher, spinning Ferris wheel and even a 360 degree loop! And stunt racing has never been as much fun as with the Go! Go! Smart Wheels Press & Race™ Monster Truck Rally™, letting kids launch their Press & Race Monster Truck for engaging playtime with a fresh, fun theme. The new playsets also work with other Go! Go! Smart Wheels playsets (sold separately).

Offering a comprehensive, multi-faceted play experience while delivering manipulative play features and charming details, the new fantasy-themed Go! Go! Smart Friends playsets are designed to captivate young children. Kids can explore a magical mermaid world with Mermaid Pearl and her sea friends in the Go! Go! Smart Friends Shimmering Seashell Castle™, featuring three MagicPoint locations for children to interact with, boosting their imaginations and encouraging social play. When it’s time for a sweet treat, the Go! Go! Smart Friends Sweet Surprises Treat Shoppe™ encourages little ones to explore two MagicPoint locations with Lollie and her best friend, Pop the puppy, as well as spin the colorful gears, slide the cherry topper and press the ice cream button to enhance fine motor skills.

Highlights of the lines, available now, include:

Go! Go! Smart Wheels® Race & Play Adventure Park: Go for a ride with Gavin the Go-Kart on the Go! Go! Smart Wheels Race & Play Adventure Park. Crank Gavin up the hill and see him navigate down the track into the catapult launcher. Then, launch the Go-Kart to the top of the playset by releasing the catapult and watch as he races down the track, around the 360 degree loop and off the jump ramp! The park includes a Ferris wheel that spins, a tumble-down carnival game and a swinging gate to strengthen motor skills. Featuring SmartPoint® technology, Gavin responds to all four SmartPoint locations with fun sounds, phrases, three sing-along songs and six melodies. On your mark, get set, go! (Ages 1-5 years, MSRP: $39.99)

Go! Go! Smart Wheels® Press & Race™ Monster Truck Rally™: It’s time for the monster truck rally show with the Go! Go! Smart Wheels® Press & Race™ Monster Truck Rally™ by VTech®. Race and jump with Mark, the Press & Race™ Monster Truck, around the rally tracks and off the podium launcher while listening to him play fun phrases, sounds and melodies. Then, have a jump competition by launching off the stunt ramp to encourage creative play and discover cause and effect. Featuring SmartPoint® technology, Mark responds to two SmartPoint locations on the playset while the spinning flames and more than 30 songs, melodies, sounds and phrases will engage your little stuntman in some monster truck playtime. Welcome to the monster truck rally, let the show begin! (Ages 1-5 years; MSRP: $24.99)

Go! Go! Smart Friends® Shimmering Seashell Castle™: Explore an underwater world with Go! Go! Smart Friends® Shimmering Seashell Castle™ by VTech®. This splashtastic castle features discovery, adventure and Mermaid Pearl! Your little one can play with the sandcastle, dance with Pearl and her sea friends, the seahorse and dolphin, or pretend to play dress up at the vanity. Place Pearl on any of the three MagicPoint® locations to hear playful phrases and sounds. The playset comes with two sides of fun with a swing to push, a crab to slide to see Pearl and friends dance and swim, a carousel to press and release, and a slide to go down. Get ready to dive into imagination and discovery! (Ages 1½ -5 years, MSRP: $39.99)

Go! Go! Smart Friends® Sweet Surprises Treat Shoppe™: Get a taste of the sweet life with Lollie at the Sweet Surprises Treat Shoppe™ by VTech®. This adorably fun playset includes Lollie, her best friend Pop the puppy, and a chair, table and menu stand to decorate the shop. Your little one will have a delightful time spinning the colorful gears, sliding the cherry topper back and forth and pressing the ice cream button to change the treat of the day while playing at the ice cream parlor with Lollie and Pop. There are two MagicPoint® locations that bring Lollie to life with fun phrases, sounds and lights to engage and enchant your little sweetie. Have a sweet time with Lollie and Pop, because like Lollie says, “I love making sweet treats for all my friends to eat!” (Ages 1½ -5 years, MSRP: $24.99)