WEALTH CAN’T WAIT: Avoid the 7 Wealth Traps, Implement the 7 Business Pillars, and Complete a Life Audit Today!

It isn’t a privilege reserved for superstars, lottery winners, and those fortunate enough to inherit or marry into money. Wealth is accessible to everyone, regardless of income level. Enjoying wealth and its benefits—freedom from worry, the power to choose and create—isn’t the same as having lots of money. Building long-term, sustainable wealth is a process that takes dedication and consistency, just like building muscle.

Hard-charging entrepreneurs and highly successful real-estate broker-owners and investors, David Osborn and Paul Morris have built a lot of wealth, and continue to do so, by embracing a regime. In WEALTH CAN’T WAIT: Avoid the 7 Wealth Traps, Implement the 7 Business Pillars, and Complete a Life Audit Today! (Greenleaf, April 4, 2017), Osborn and Morris share their trusted wealth-building methods with everyone with the ambition, energy, and stamina to learn and do what it takes—day in and day out.

“We do not have a get-rich-quick formula,” the authors stress to wannabe billionaire dreamers and schemers. What they have is a set of proven principles and repeated practices that distinguish all wealthy people. Yes, wealth-building takes knowledge and skills, discipline and work. Yet, as Osborn and Morris assure everyone with potential: “It doesn’t have to be ‘hard’ work. It’s play. By practicing what we offer in this book, you will learn to thrive and create the life you desire.”

Packed with concrete action steps, valuable “wealth accelerator” tips, and real-world lessons from the authors’ own experiences, WEALTH CAN’T WAIT presents a comprehensive, strategic wealth-building plan for a lifetime of gains—financial and personal. Easy to grasp and ready to apply, their regime for building and enjoying wealth has five foundations: (over)

•Make the choice. Wealth-building begins with commitment and courage. Learn how to avoid seven common wealth traps (#4: not staying the course after a setback), shift from a cash-flow existence to asset-based living, develop both a solid “ground game” and an “air game” with wings, plus more.
•Embrace the mindset. Think about money—from a positive, proactive, abundance perspective. Ask yourself, “What do I want in my life?” and “How would money help me get what I want?” Break free of self-limiting beliefs and let go of any guilt attached to being wealthy. Think, “The world is out to help me.”
•Create the habits. It’s not about discipline. Building wealth can transform and enrich every area of life for those who develop seven powerful and empowering habits. They include: Live Life by Design, Earn More by Learning More, Chunk Down Big Goals, and Let Go of the Small Stuff.
•Develop a business that builds wealth based on seven pillars. Pillar #1: Client Acquisition Is King. “She who controls the client controls the business. Plain and simple” the authors state. Pillar #7: Invest in Coaches, Mentors, and Masterminds. “Simply hiring someone to hold you accountable will change your results dramatically,” the authors attest.
•Generate the momentum. Discover how to keep the wealth-building going and growing through supporting a state of flow, creating “virtuous” (as opposed to viscous) cycles, managing and improving your environment, taking care of your health, plus more.

Inspiring and refreshing practical, WEALTH CAN’T WAIT is a guide to not just getting rich but achieving a fully and deeply enriched life.

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