Cocktail Artist™ Rolls Out New Mixologist-Inspired Bar Ingredients And Mixes At Retail

Cocktail enthusiasts have a whole new reason to raise their glasses this Friday, March 24th for National Cocktail Day. Cocktail Artist™ is proud to launch a brand new line of premium, essential bar ingredients and mixes nationwide at Walmart stores. Each product in the line was inspired by and developed with an Award Winning Mixologist to set a new standard for quality, authenticity and convenience. The mission of the Cocktail Artist™ platform is to empower the “cocktail artist” at home to elevate their skills in mixing high quality, craft cocktails for their friends and family.

The products provide a higher level of quality over current products on-shelf by having no artificial colors or flavors, and no High Fructose Corn Syrup.

•Grenadine (375 mL) – Developed with Bonnie Wilson, Dallas, TX
•Lime Juice (375 mL) – Developed with Luke Andrews, Chicago, IL
•Lemon Juice (375 mL) – Developed with Tenzin Samdo, Boston, MA
•Simple Syrup (375 mL) – Developed with Sadiyyah Iddeen, Atlanta, GA
•Mint Syrup (375 mL) – Developed with Juyoung Kang, Las Vegas, NV
•Mule Mix (750 mL) – Developed with Vincent Stipo, Philadelphia, PA
•Old Fashioned Mix (750 mL) – Developed with Matthew Biancaniello, Los Angeles, CA
•Manhattan Mix (750 mL) – Developed with Robert Porter, Phoenix, AZ

“Cocktail making truly is an art form, it’s all about creativity and passion,” commented Vincent Stipo, one of Daily Meal’s Top 25 Bartenders in America. “Of course it’s cool to be on a bottle, but what I love about this product is its ingredient integrity and the opportunity to share a few recipes and tips I’ve learned behind the bar.”

“I was really honored to be chosen as part of the Cocktail Artist program,” said Juyoung Kang, one of Thrillist’s Best Bartenders from Las Vegas in 2016. “This is such a great way for me to share my passion for the craft with the bartender at home.”

“What I love about the Cocktail Artist program is that it makes it easy for so many people to elevate their game,” said Matthew Biancaniello, named one of America’s Greatest Bartenders of 2015 by Thrillist. “It’s affordable, high quality and you’ve got a team of award winning mixologists to lead and inspire you.”

“This concept was really born out of this idea that the ‘glass is your canvas’ and how do we truly empower the home bartender to express themselves through great cocktails,” said Jay Whitney of FoodStory Brands. “We are very proud to collaborate with some incredible Award Winning Mixologists to help us to reach cocktail enthusiasts everywhere and offer top shelf bar ingredients and mixers at a very fair price.”