Freedom From Abuse: New Book Provides Hope and Encouragement to Abuse Survivors

Morgan James’s new book release, Hushed Cries: Healing is Found in the Choices You Make by Dorthea L. Hughes is an honest, vulnerable, and victorious memoir about surviving sexual abuse as a child.

Children who are sexually abused are vulnerable to a common path of self-destruction. Hughes uses her story as a precautionary tale to help other survivors avoid going down a dangerous path. Hushed Cries helps those who care about young people recognize the warning signs of abuse so that it can be stopped. Hughes has created a memoir of encouragement to help those who have suffered from abuse begin to heal from the past.

Hushed Cries provides hope through Hughes’ vivid and honest journey. Hughes gives a voice to the countless victims of child sexual abuse and to those who are often ignored or told to keep quiet. She breaks through the discomfort of talking about abuse to shed light on the intricate relationship between children and their abusers. Hushed Cries provides hope and encouragement for survivors and reminds them that they can experience full freedom from their past.

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About the Author:

Dorthea L. Hughes’s childhood memories may be riddled with abusive betrayals, but she is not a victim—she is a survivor, mother, author, speaker, and motivator! As a victim of abuse, she was the typical juvenile delinquent and high school dropout. Today, Dorthea has a master’s degree in business administration and is continuing to learn new things every day. Her motto is, “The best is yet to come.”

More About This Title:

Hushed Cries: Healing is Found in the Choices You by Dorthea Hughes will be released by Morgan James Publishing on April 11, 2017. Hushed Cries ISBN—978-1683501473—has 284 pages and is being sold as a trade paperback for $22.95