Second G2A Deal to Launch on March 30th

G2A.COM will launch the second edition of its G2A Deal program on March 30th. This edition includes the following five great games: Fishing Cactus’ Epistory – Typing Chronicles, Codemasters’ DiRT Showdown, Prospect Games’ Unbox, Fiddlesticks’ Hue, and Playrise Digital’s Table Top Racing: World Tour all for a low subscription, or one-time purchase, cost.

G2A’s developer and publisher support system G2A Direct is releasing the second edition of G2A Deal on March 30th. G2A Deal is a rewards bundle featuring hand-selected video games directly from the developers and publishers themselves (no third-party sellers involved).

In the upcoming Deal, the G2A Direct team has brought together a wide array of games, so that fans of all types will find something that appeals to them:

Epistory – Typing Chronicles – an action-adventure typing game in which the player has to type out different words in order to keep the story going.

DiRT Showdown – an installment in the DiRT racing series in which players race against the clock while performing tricks and destroying opponents.

Unbox – a game in which the player becomes a self-delivering cardboard box and travels to customers all around the world.

Hue – an engaging puzzle-platform game. The player embarks on a quest to find the main character’s missing mother, all while solving puzzles and adding color to a grey world along the way.

Table Top Racing: World Tour – an arcade racing game in which the player drives miniature cars and avoids dangerous obstacles including sandwiches and coconuts.

All of the keys included in the second edition of G2A Deal will be available immediately after purchase as Steam codes and will not be region-locked.