Erin Kinsella’s Olympian Confessions: Hera

Erin Kinsella, an accomplished Canadian Author, Psychologist, and Historian who enjoys delving into social issues, has confirmed that Olympian Confessions: Hera, a companion to her first novel Olympian Confessions: Hades and Persephone, is now on sale. In this book, the Author has poured her longstanding love of everything to do with Greek Mythology and knowledge of the workings of the mind into her writing in the hugely popular adult fiction, historical fiction, historical fantasy, and mythology genres.

Cover: Olympian Confessions: Hera (PRNewsfoto/Erin Kinsella)

An avid reader, writer, traveler, and photographer, Erin Kinsella composes novels, novellas, and illustrated books. She earned her Degree in Psychology from the University of Alberta. Released in January 2016, Olympian Confessions: Hades and Persephone rapidly became an Amazon Bestseller in categories including Science Fiction and Fantasy, Fantasy, Contemporary, Literature and Fiction, Fairy Tales, and Myths and Fairy Tales. In her latest creation, Olympian Confessions: Hera, some might view Olympus as the glittering palace of the Gods, but Hera sees it for what it truly is – a prison.

“I was amazed by the reception to my first novel. With Olympian Confessions: Hera, I’ve let my imagination run wild to allow fans to embrace this companion to the first book in the series,” expressed Erin Kinsella. “As a young child, I dreamed of becoming a professional Writer. Now, it’s fair to say that all of the experiences of my life, including over a decade with the Girl Guides of Canada, have influenced my writing style and elements of the Olympian Confessions series. I’ve already been asked if there will be a trilogy? Fans should watch this space.”

Published by Tychis Media with striking cover art by Renee Robyn and cover design by Joseph Langdon, Olympian Confessions: Hera is an epic 376-page adventure for readers of adult fantasy books. After being tricked into a marriage she didn’t want, with a God she didn’t love, Hera is now the Queen of Olympus. In order to protect those she loves, she must find a way to become a shield between others and the volatile fury of her new husband – the mighty Zeus, King of Olympus. Hera must learn to navigate the escalating danger as Zeus does his best to drive away her allies and bring her to heel. If Hera is strong enough to truly fight back, she has the chance to change the fate of Olympus forever.

About Erin Kinsella:

Erin Kinsella is the Author of the new adult fiction historical fantasy novel Olympian Confessions: Hera (ISBN: 978-0-9952997-4-0). It is the much-awaited companion to her first novel released last year entitled Olympian Confessions: Hades and Persephone. In this new publication, Zeus is the King of Olympus and he wants Hera to be his in all ways. He is a God that takes great pleasure in exerting his power over others and while he succeeded in securing her hand in marriage, Hera’s love and obedience prove frustratingly elusive. Zeus intends to make every effort to correct this. The Author’s background in Psychology, History, senior care, the Girl Guides of Canada, and a love for tackling social issues gives all of her writing an added flair and dimension.