Ways to Track Santa Around the World

Follow Santa’s amazing journey on Christmas Eve and have fun while you wait for the big day!

Google Santa Tracker

Google Santa tracker can help you see where Santa is on his journey. This website is filled with fun, letting you follow Santa’s trip, as well as play, watch and learn.

Google Santa Tracker shows you Santa’s Village with interactive stations. Each day a new activity station is unlocked. By now, almost every activity is available to enjoy.

Play games such as Present Bounce, Santa Selfie, Gumball Tilt, Snowball Storm and more. Learn with activities including Code Snowflake, Code Boogie and Map Quiz.

Find activities such as learning translations, watching a day at the museum and discovering Christmas traditions around the world. View a countdown clock to see how soon until Santa and his reindeer take flight.

On December 24, you can visit the site to begin to follow Santa’s trip.

NORAD Tracks Santa

The North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) is busy tracking Santa for its 62nd year. Head to the NORAD Tracks Santa website to see where Santa is.

There you can also do fun stuff, such as exploring the North Pole. See a weather report for the North Pole (hint, it’s cold!). At this writing, the temperature of the North Pole is -30.6° F or -34.8° C.

See the Santa countdown clock to find out how soon he will leave on his voyage around the world.

Find links to Christmas-themed music, movies, games and books to help you pass the time while you wait for Santa.

NORAD Tracker is free to use and available in eight different languages.

Amazon Alexa NORAD Tracks Santa Skill

lexa is working with NORAD to track Santa and keep you posted on his whereabouts. Enable the NORAD Tracks Santa skill for Alexa to use your voice to track Santa.

NORAD Tracks Santa skill will give you real-time updates about where Santa is. Ask, “Alexa, ask NORAD Tracks Santa, where’s Santa?”

You can also ask Alexa for fun Santa facts. “Alexa, ask NORAD Tracks Santa for a fact from the Santa Files” to find out interesting things about St. Nick.

Curious minds may ask, “Alexa, ask NORAD Tracks Santa, when will Santa be at my house?” Alexa won’t tell you when Santa is due at your house, but she will remind you that children need to be asleep for Santa to arrive. (That answer alone may be worth the price of an Echo!)

The skill is free to use but parental permission must be given in order to use this skill.