Author Katie Miller Details the Harsh Reality of Modern Dating

Remember the story about the girl kissing a frog and how the frog turned into a charming Prince? Well, this is it, except for the turning into a charming Prince part.

In her hilarious debut novel, Katie Miller writes candidly about the dating life of a twentysomething single girl and the (sometimes questionable) quest to find Mr. Right. Dating is not all wine and roses. As Miller shares her real-life story on her hysterical encounters of sex and awkward moments, the reader can’t help but cringe as Mr. Right rapidly turns into Mr. Right for now, and never, ever again.

Katie Miller (PRNewsfoto/Katie Miller)

Her story continues to find her Prince Charming; that’s if your idea of Prince Charming involves him licking the bottom of your shoe. However, she does manage to take the reader on a journey through Mr. Spain, Mr. Swiss, Mr. Hungary and as many man-made islands in-between… and let me tell you a story: it’s one hell of a ride!

Katie Miller, a twentysomething British fashion designer studied in Wales. Her work has taken her to several different countries, which has led to some of the fascinating dates and one night stands detailed in her new book. She credits her girlfriends who inspired her to write down the (often drunken) stories of her dating adventures.

Whether the reader is looking to live vicariously or just glean useful advice, Miller’s book measures up. Learn from her blunders as she bluntly writes about accidentally flinging lacy panties into the street, discovering a lover has a grown son who’s hotter than him and screwing up a budding relationship with the man of her dreams.

Best paired with a bottle of rosé, this chatty account of contemporary dating will inspire readers to put themselves out there and be their fiercest self.

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