COMPLIANCE: A CSE Thriller available on Amazon

Magee Entertainment is announcing that Gordon Magee, formerly of Dunkerton, Iowa, now has a novel available on, a book that is being made into a feature film through a Hollywood production company.

The first in a series of at least three novels, COMPLIANCE, is a thriller set in the US and China. It involves characters Booker Jackson and Jaylynn Tuiasosopo on a routine compliance check of an American manufacturer in China, stumbling onto a diabolical plot by North Korea to smuggle nukes into the United States.  A plot that must be stopped!

Several other projects are in the works by Magee, including a completed TV show series pilot script for which he is seeking a production company, working on the soundtrack for another film, and working on a film project based on a song written and sung by a Grammy nominated artist.  He is looking for a production company for that project and for another completed thriller script that involves the CIA and the Israeli Mossad.

Gordon Magee has written novels and screenplays and along with Michael A. Curtis, co-wrote the bullriding song “Unbelievabull,” recorded by Randy Travis.  Like one of his writing heroes, Louis L’Amour, Magee’s stories are fueled by his eclectic background as a High Steel Ironworker, pastor, educator, rock ‘ n roller, Internet marketer, world traveler, and executive TV show producer.