RunLites Inventor Mary Tiffin Pens True Story on Turning Darkness into Light

Mary Tiffin, the inventor of RunLites® gloves, a wearable technology solution that puts light where it’s needed most, has written a new book titled At Dreams’ End. A true story about her husband David’s battle with cancer, At Dreams’ End takes readers on a journey of belief, love and hope that illustrates both the power of community and the power of prayer.

Over the course of David’s illness, Mary reached out to a few friends, then a few more and asked for their prayers. Before long tens of thousands were praying for everything from blood counts to rise to rashes to subside and reduced fevers. The results were surprising to many, including the doctors at Johns Hopkins Hospital, where much of the book takes place.

At the urging of friends, Tiffin decided to write the book to keep the memory of her husband alive for their three sons. David died before their children were old enough to really know him; the youngest was just an infant.

“It took me fourteen years to pull this story together and although it was very painful to relive this chapter of my life, I wrote At Dreams’ End to bring hope to all who are facing life’s challenges,” says Tiffin. “The publication of this miraculous story coincides with the Easter season and echoes the ‘biblical truth’ that from darkness comes light. Just like Easter, a sad story with a not so sad ending, At Dreams’ End heralds a new beginning.”

Even though David did not survive, he remains Mary’s inspiration, as a mother, business owner and now, author. The couple’s story illustrates themes of the Easter resurrection that can be found in the world every day. Mary lost a husband, but gained a renewed faith to go beyond what she thought were her limits.

When Mary found herself a single mom, she knew that she had to be there for her kids. That included getting and staying in shape. Raising boys is high energy and lifelong and because she worked during the day, the only time she could exercise was at night. Choosing running to keep fit, Tiffin invented RunLites to help busy people run or walk safely anytime of night.

“I would tape flashlights to my hands when I ran,” says Tiffin, now the company’s CEO. “Then I thought, why not invent gloves with lights built in?”

RunLites are sold online and in retailers nationwide. Turning night into light, RunLites gloves are designed for running, walking, cycling, hiking or hunting at night, or for any indoor and outdoor tasks in low-light areas.

At Dreams’ End is now available on